It takes one to know one…

Now if only it were that easy.

Six years ago, I thought I had it all… And then it was suddenly gone.

If you stumbled here without any context, my name is James and I am the mind behind First Responder Marketing.

And if you’re wondering what I lost… It was a career that I deeply loved and enjoyed. Maybe we can hash the details over a beer someday…

What is important is how this relates to you.

See, I had a choice to make following all this. And that choice needed to keep my children fed and the roof over their head.

That choice combined my love of learning, technology, and the people I knew best… And it was the backdrop for every scrap of success I’ve had since...

Every scrap of success I have found for others.

It all started one seemingly uneventful day. While searching for a new path to take, a friend asked me for some help.

“Hey bro, you’re good at writing and you know my audience. Can you help me get my brand out there so more people will hire us to train them? I feel like I’m missing something.”

I wasn’t expecting much, but I gave it a good shot. He was right, after all, I did know his audience. They were all firefighters.

I was quite literally raised in a firehouse and with 15 years experience of my own on the line… I put together what I thought his customers wanted to hear. What I would want to hear.

Words on a page guided by my own understanding of the audience, a lifelong love of reading, and a flair for creatively crafting a message.

That’s where the surprises began.